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About Us

Who we are


Rochester Muslim Community Circle (RMCC) is a non-profit organization formed in 2009 to meet the religious, social and educational needs of the Muslim community in and around Rochester, Minnesota.  RMCC also wants to promote a better understanding of Islam through peaceful exchanges with other faiths.  

Our mission is to serve the spiritual and educational needs of the Muslim community of Rochester and to provide opportunities for Muslims in Rochester to serve the greater community as a whole.

Our vision was to establish a welcoming Community Center for all to enjoy, and Alhumdullilah, with generous donations from the community this vision came to fruition, as we purchased our own space in March 2018.  Our new place will be used to host various activities for all ages: Educational activities, Ramadan Iftars, Eid gatherings, social and cultural events, interfaith events, graduations, aqiqas, baby showers, halaqas, weddings and other celebrations as well as a free walk-in clinic someday.  

RMCC Board & Volunteers


RMCC currently has the following Board of Directors: 

Hina Ahmed

Samina Amin

Bassem Fadlia

Ghazala Hamid

Rana Mikati

RMCC Executive Committee:


  Ghazala Hamid


Vice President

Rana Mikati



Samina Amin



Bassem Fadlia


We need your help


Our building, utilities, costs of different youth and outreach programs can only be sustained by every Muslim contributing financially and helping out as a volunteer.

Please see the Get Involved button above or the Join RMCC page in the menu to learn about becoming an RMCC contributing member