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Our mission is to serve the spiritual and educational needs of the Muslim community of Rochester and to provide opportunities for Muslims in Rochester to serve the greater community as a whole.

Our vision was to establish a welcoming Community Center founded in 2009 for all to enjoy, and Alhumdullilah, with generous donations from the community this vision came to fruition, as we purchased our own space in March 2018. Our new place will be used to host various activities for all ages: Educational activities, Ramadan Iftars, Eid gatherings, social and cultural events, interfaith events.

RMCC is a non-profit and non-political entity.

RMCC Board & Volunteers

Rochester Muslim Community Circle (RMCC) is a non-profit organization formed in 2009 to meet the religious, social and educational needs of the Muslim community in and around Rochester, Minnesota. RMCC also wants to promote a better understanding of Islam through peaceful exchanges with other faiths.


RMCC is proud to have a group of accomplished and diverse representatives of our community on our board

Yasir Qureshi


Yasir Qureshi, has been a member of RMCC since 2012. As a pediatric cardiologist by profession, he has dedicated his life to improving the health and well-being of children. But his true passion lies in education. He has been an active participant in RMCC’s educational activities, including Sunday school, teen talks, and Jummah khutbah. As a student of Quran himself, his goal is to bring the community together through the words of Allah and promote understanding and unity.

Wafaa Boubas


Wafaa Boubas, was born in Damascus and grew up in the United Arab Emirates where she earned a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. Wafaa is a mother of three kids; Essam, Arwa and Nada. She is the principal of RMCC Sunday School, and has interest in gifted education, curriculum development and innovation. She with her husband Dr. Mohammad Adnan Alkhouli are actively involved with the kids both at RMCC School and within Rochester Broader Community.

Asmaa Ferdjallah


Asmaa Ferdjallah, is a pediatrician. She is actively engaged with RMCC and hopes to continue to contribute to the wonderful work being done for the Rochester Community. Her hobbies include reading and keepin’ it real.

Ghazala Hamid


Ghazala Hamid, has been a founder and multiple time president and board member of RMCC. She is a home maker. Grew up in Pakistan. Married to Dr. Hamid Rehman and has four kids. The Rehman family have played a vital role in fulfilling the Vision of RMCC.

Mona Noureldin


Mona Noureldin, is one of the founding members of RMCC. She has been in Rochester since 2007 and has been an active part of the community. She is looking forward to growing the organization to accommodate our growing community.

Jessica Al-Kali


Jessica Al-Kali, has lived in Rochester with her husband and two kids since 2010. She is the Committee Lead of the Interfaith Outreach Program and believes it is very important that to find common ground with the different faiths that are a part of our wonderful Rochester Community.

Rabia Javed


Rabia Javed, was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan and traveled to the USA to pursue higher education. She is a pediatrician. She is part of a family of three including her husband and two year old son. She and her family have been in Rochester for 6 years. She is currently working on her master’s degree in education. Her interests include reading, community work and event organization.

Dina Abo Sheasha


Dina Abo Sheasha, is a community person, mother of three and a business owner of a marketing and creative design agency in Rochester. Dina has the passion to help businesses reach their potential customers and communicate the value they bring to them through marketing. Dina graduated from University of Iowa with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a focus on Entrepreneurship management. She is Egyptian-American and speaks two languages fluently, English and Arabic. She is proud to be connected to the Rochester community in many different ways, from running to PTSA meetings, to helping women in business groups, to attending Chamber of Commerce events, to being a part of this incredible Rochester Muslim Community Circle.

Abdirashid Sheikh Ibrahim


Abdirashid Sheikh Ibrahim, migrated from Somalia to the United States. AbdiRashid earned several Associate of Science degrees before earning Mayo School of Health Sciences Bachelor of Science for Respiratory Therapy in 2010 to fulfill his child hood dream of helping people. AbdiRashid has been working at Mayo Clinic as a Pediatric/Neonatal Respiratory Therapist, and in 2012 also trained as an ECMO specialist. Abdirashid wants to expand his community involvement, and help outside the hospital walls. He enjoys leading khutba at Friday Prayer. He believes that the Rochester Muslim Community Circle is the epitome of community leadership and he wants to be a part of radiating cohesive, safe, confident, and prosperous energy.

Rashid Fehmi


Rashid Fehmi, is a CPA and has a Masters in Finance. He has taken a leading role in fundraising and development projects for RMCC. He and his wife Sheba love traveling.


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