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Who We Are

We are the Rochester Muslim Community Circle (RMCC), a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the religious, social, and educational needs of the Muslim community in and around Rochester, Minnesota. Since our inception in 2009, RMCC has strived to keep an open dialogue through social exchanges with other faiths and serve the broader community as a whole.

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Our Challenges

Over the years, our community has flourished and thrived. However, our current Islamic center can no longer accommodate the growing needs of our community. We face challenges such as insufficient space for educational programs for our children, limited room for Friday prayers, and inadequate facilities for religious education, social services, and cultural events.

To address these pressing needs, we have identified a new and larger building located in downtown Rochester that perfectly suits our community's requirements and needs. Mayo Clinic Muslim patients and employees will have access to Friday prayers within walking distance. This building holds the promise of becoming the next Islamic Center for our community, a place we can all be proud of, and a true home for Muslims in Rochester, MN.

Our Progress

We've already taken a significant step towards securing this new center by making an offer on a suitable building currently priced at $975,000. We are delighted to report that, thanks to the generous contributions of Muslims from Rochester and across the nation, we are getting close. However, we are still short of our financial goal, which includes the purchase price of the building and the necessary renovations and updates to make it an ideal space for our community's needs.

Your Impact:

Your donation, regardless of the amount, will make a profound difference in the lives of our children, our families, and our neighbors. Together, we can create a welcoming, vibrant, and inclusive space that will serve not only our Muslim community but also contribute to the broader understanding and harmony among all faiths in Rochester.

Please consider contributing to this important endeavor, and share our campaign with your friends and family. With your support, we can build a new Islamic center that will be a beacon of unity, learning, and service for generations to come.

May Allah reward you abundantly for your generosity and bless our community.


Community with over 62 different
nationalities represented.


Over 1,200 men and women attend the
weekly Jumma prayer service.

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60 percent of our community
is under the age of 34.


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