RMCC Board (2020 - 2022)

RMCC is proud to have a group of accomplished and diverse  representatives of our community on our board.

Below is a short bio in alphabetic order

  • Mohamad Alkhouli, is an interventional cardiologist at Saint Mary hospital. Mohamad was born in Damascus in 1981, and moved to the US after graduating medical school in 2006. He and his wife Wafaa were part of the RMCC family during Mohamad’s fellowship in 2015-2016. They have returned to Rochester now and are looking forward to supporting RMCC and its weekend school. As a cardiologist, Mohamad is interested in physical and spiritual heart diseases.
  • Samina Amin, has been a founder and multiple time board member and executive of RMCC. She has been living in Rochester the past 22 years. She’s married to Tariq Amin, has 2 children, one in high school and one in college. She works full time as a paralegal.
  • Wafaa Boubas, was born in Damascus in 1988. She grew up in the United Arab Emirates where she earned a Bachelor degree in Mathematics. Wafaa is a mother of three: Essam, Arwa and Nada. She is the principal of RMCC Sunday school, and has interest in gifted education, curriculum development and innovation.
  • Bassem Fadlia, MBA, PMP, has been multiple times board member and executive of RMCC. He moved to Rochester in 2004, married and is raising three boys. Bassem has a bachelor degree in Computer Sciences and an MBA from U of M Labovitz School of Business. He worked in Mayo IT and is now a business intelligence analyst in Mayo’s planning department. He is also an avid soccer player, coach and referee.
  • Ghazala Hamid, has been a founder and multiple time president and board member of RMCC. She is a home maker. Grew up in Pakistan. Married to Dr. Hamid Rehman and has four kids.
  • Salma Iftikhar, MD, has been a founder and multiple time board member and executive of RMCC. She grew up in Indian occupied Kashmir. She works as a Physician at Mayo Clinic. Married to Dr Iftikhar Kullo and is the mother of 3. She loves reading, traveling and cooking.
  • Rana Mikati, has been a founder and multiple time board member and executive of RMCC. She’s married to Dr. Amer Mikati, has 3 grown up kids that were raised in Rochester. Recently retired from teaching at RCTC, and WSU.
  • Essa Mohamed, moved with his family to Rochester in the mid-nineties from San Diego. He completed his formal education in Rochester, got an undergraduate degree at St Olaf College and completed his PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Mayo Clinic. In addition, he has served on various student and community based organizations. He is a NIH funded trainee in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic. He hopes to bring his experiences and contribute towards youth development and communal engagement at RMCC. In particular, he would like to work towards the empowerment of the youth as they embrace their Islamic and American identities.
  • Abdirashid Sheikh Ibrahim, migrated from Somalia to the United States in 1994. Rashid’s childhood dream was to work in healthcare and to help those in need, so he earned several Associate of Science degrees before earning Mayo School of Health Sciences Bachelor of Science for Respiratory Therapy in 2010. Rashid has been working at Mayo Clinic as a Pediatric/Neonatal Respiratory Therapist, and in 2012 trained for a second job as an ECMO specialist.
    Abdirashid wants to expand his community involvement, and help outside the hospital walls. He enjoys leading khutba at Friday Prayer. He believes that the Rochester Muslim Community Circle is the epitome of community leadership and he wants to be a part of radiating cohesive, safe, confident, and prosperous energy.