🎉As Salamualaikum and Eid Mubarak Dear Community🎉

We are excited to announce that🌙Eid will be Wednesday April 10th☪️

We will join Masjid Abu Bakr and Masjid Abu Huraira at the RCTC field house (851 30th Ave SE, Rochester) for Eid prayer, inshAllah.
There will be two prayers at RCTC inshAllah.
The first at 8am in Arabic and the second at 9 am in English.

There is also a 10am prayer at Masjid Abu Bakr (17 North Broadway) inshaAllah

Please join us Saturday April 13th for a community Eid Party at Two Discovery from 4pm-6pm.
Please be sure to register and purchase tickets at https://rmccmn.org/eid-al-fitr/.

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